Simple Ways to Save…

toilet money

Learn these simple ways to help save you time and money while creating a better work environment and increasing customer satisfaction.

Sanitation and cleanliness are of utmost importance in any business. Cleanliness is essential to create a safe environment and garner customer satisfaction. Preparing a budget is one of the fundamental processes of any organization and at Greenwood Cleaning Systems we are here to help you fit that budget while not having to sacrifice quality. The budget for janitorial supplies is often taken very casually. These are almost always items you use and just throw away… This makes the janitorial supply budget a critical one to pay attention to. Here are just some ways you can save:

Buy quality. Purchasing higher quality products invariably pays dividends, which reduces the cost of cleaning. They may be easier to use; perform more effectively; be more durable; last longer, etc.
Maintain the Cleaning Routine. Cleaning every day is a mandate. Sometimes, due to our own lethargic behavior, we overlook certain crucial areas in our establishments. With regular cleaning and maintenance, small problems can be addressed quickly, instead of turning into larger problems that are more expensive to take care of. A prime example of this is flooring. Regular cleaning and maintenance allows for small stains in carpeting to be treated and removed, preventing them from turning into larger stains that can’t be removed. Once large stains are embedded within the fibers of carpet, they cannot be removed and the carpet will ultimately have to be replaced.12-mv1_sl-744c4fad4f03b7e8

Use Multipurpose or Reusable Items. In our homes, we are accustomed to using a variety of cleaners and cleaning equipment for a different area. There are different cleaners for dishes, washrooms, and floor. Similarly, we employ a different variety of mops to dust and clean the floor, tiles, tables etc. While this is a good cleaning method at home, it may cost you a huge expense in large spaces like a business. Try to purchase multipurpose mops, disinfects, and other items.

Join the “5 Gallon Club.” Invariably chemical manufacturers will offer a reduced price when cleaning chemicals are purchased in five-gallon containers. Ask your sales representative at Greenwood Cleaning Systems for which of your products you could easily do this with.

Buy concentrated. The more concentrated the cleaning solution, the longer it will last, helping to reduce costs significantly. At Greenwood Cleaning Systems we offer concentrate dispensing equipment at no charge. Betco’s FASTDRAW chemical management systems consistently provide the correct dilution for cleaning staffs. These innovative, versatile and simple systems utilize a one size fit all FASTDRAW bottle design that reduces inventory investment. When cleaning chemicals are not accurately diluted, it is like pouring money down the drain which can potentially endanger the cleaning staff as well as cause poor cleaning results.

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Go Smart instead of Attractive. Though good décor is influential it is wise to think money-saving at the same time. Choose your décor wisely. Also, use brown roll towels instead of white. They are cheaper and have the same efficiency. They are also manufactured in a more eco-friendly way. You can switch to foam soaps instead of liquid soaps- they are equally effective and more reasonably priced. Small changes in the cleaning supplies will have the potential to create a huge difference in your budget.


Focus on performance. Select products that are more effective and/or help improve worker productivity. Even if they cost more than comparable products, the labor-related savings will likely more than pay for the investment. Visit our full line of janitorial equipment and make sure to visit us on Facebook and Twitter for special offers on equipment and supplies.

Use but don’t abuse. Unfortunately, one of the reasons cleaning tools and equipment must be replaced before the end of their expected lifespan is due to abuse. Train staff on the proper, safe, and most efficient ways to use and care for cleaning equipment.

Service your equipment. Our factory trained service staff offer onsite repairs and preventative maintenance on all types and brands of commercial cleaning equipment including battery automatic scrubbers, ride-on scrubbers, sweepers, vacuums, extractors, pressure washers, burnishers and floor machines. You can improve productivity, control costs and lengthen the life of your equipment by working with us.

Use the Product According to the Manufacturer’s Instructions. Many bulk or concentrated floor cleaning solutions have specific instructions on how much of the product to use. If you put too much of the solution into the floor scrubber, the machine could have problems. Using too much of the cleaning solution could also leave an unsightly residue on the flooring.

By pouring the right amount of cleaning solution into the floor scrubber, you can avoid wasting the product. If you need to dilute the floor cleaning solution, measure it carefully. Not adding enough water could cause problems for the floor scrubber. Adding too much water could result in your building’s floors not getting as clean as you desire.



Buy Used and Save Big. Save money on janitorial cleaning equipment by checking out our pre-owned inventory. We offer quality pieces at dramatically discounted prices. At Greenwood Cleaning Systems our pre-owned machines come with a 30-day parts & labor warranty and are inspected carefully by our technicians to verify proper operation and to ensure they conform to our standards. We proudly stand behind every piece of new and used equipment we sell.

Conclusion. The disposal habits we have need to be appended and regularly monitored. Any trash lying around in the janitor room may mislead you about its availability. Get rid of all the trashes on a daily or weekly basis. In case of budget cuts, try adjustments in your cleaning schedule rather than your items. The right products and tools will guide you to be a more successful business, praised by customers, and all while fitting the budget of your janitorial supplies.