At Greenwood Cleaning Systems we take cleaning and chemical concerns very serious. We carry the best line of products to ensure a high quality job for an affordable price. The Quad Cities is our home and with school being back in season we want our customers to rest assured they are well cared for in preventing the spreading of infectious disease and bacteria. Here are a few easy steps you can take to reduce the risk of germs.


Due to the recent volume of calls concerning the disinfection of toys, here are a few simple steps you can take:

The first, most basic of reducing the amount of germs present on the surface of a hard, nonporous toy is to scrub with warm soapy water. Toys may also be washed in a dishwasher if the toy label indicates it is dishwasher safe. NOTE: Read the manufacturers’ instructions carefully when cleaning toys with electronic components.

Fabric or stuffed toys should be washed according to manufacturer directions, usually involve washing in a washing machine or spot cleaning soiled areas.


Toys which are washed in a dishwasher or washing machine SHOULD NOT require an additional step for sanitation. (Disinfectants or sanitizers for hard surfaces should not be used on fabric or stuffed toys.)


If an additional sanitizing step is deemed necessary use a household bleach solution of *1 Tablespoon bleach to 1 Gallon cool water. Rinse well and allow toys to air dry. Alternatively, an EPA registered hard surface, disinfectant/sanitizer with directions for sanitizing FOOD CONTACT surface may be used. The directions on the label of commercial products must be followed exactly as stated.

As with any disinfectant/sanitizing solution, the solution must be changed daily or when the solution becomes visibly dirty. When in use, keep the solution out of reach of children and away from direct sunlight.youth-storyville-content-banner

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*dilution and contact time recommended by the Centers for Disease Control. Visit https://www.cdc.gov/ for more information.