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Know Your Floor: The Importance of Identifying Different Floor Types

The Right Cleaning Process for Your Floor At Greenwood Cleaning Systems we work with you personally to help you figure out what the best process is for all your cleaning and janitorial needs. Floors are expensive so proper maintenance is crucial to their long life as well as safety. Before you start to finish your

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At Greenwood Cleaning Systems we take cleaning and chemical concerns very serious. We carry the best line of products to ensure a high quality job for an affordable price. The Quad Cities is our home and with school being back in season we want our customers to rest assured they are well cared for in

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Green Cleaning

 Green cleaning. It’s a phrase we hear often, but facility managers are still learning exactly what it means and how to best apply it to their cleaning programs. In this post, we’ll outline some of the basics of green cleaning and how it can benefit your employees, facility and our planet. “Going green” may be

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