Quality Paper Offered at Greenwood Cleaning Systems

Delivered Daily From Our Facility in Davenport, IA

We offer several complete lines of 100% recycled towel and tissue products designed for the environmentally conscious consumer. They meet or exceed EPA guidelines for post-consumer waste content and many are Green Seal™ certified satisfying procurement criteria for government-funded organizations that are enforced by state and federal law. Our products are constructed with a perfect blend pre- and post-consumer wastepaper to provide quality and performance.

We also offer a wide variety of no cost towel and tissue dispenser programs for our customers. If funds are not available to replace your current dispensers, we have a program you will love.

We have roll towels, folded towels, wipers, toilet tissue, kitchen towels, and napkins in several weights and sizes.


Beacause We Care...

 Greenwood Cleaning Systems is a distributor of the most modern USDA Certified Bio-Based paper towels and tissue made from bamboo and sugarcane.