Enhance Your facility with Quality Log Mats

Customers develop opinions of your business from their very first impression of it, often starting with the physical entrance of the building. The entrance of your establishment acts as a reflection of your business in myriad ways, from the tidiness of your storefront or lobby and the appearance of your office, to the design and working order of your signs.

One small addition to your business entrance that can make a big impact are custom logo mats. Designed to promote safety and prevent dirt from tracking inside your office, store, or restaurant, these mats with your logo/name printed on them, in color, reinforce your company's brand. Your sharp looking logo, in color, displayed boldly on a mat at the entrance to your business tells your customers that you take pride in what you do.

Logo mats are beneficial on a practical level, too, cutting down on overhead cleaning costs by tracking less dirt into your building and eliminating wear and tear on interior carpeting and flooring. Particularly as the weather gets colder and snowstorms become an increasing reality, customers are likely to bring moisture indoors, increasing the risk of slippery floors. With mats to capture wetness, the floors inside your building will remain dry and safe. Preventing slips and falls is one of the most overlooked benefits of floor mats for your business.

Greenwood Cleaning Systems can help you to eliminate 80% of the soil entering your building with one of our custom logo mats, which leave lasting impressions on clients as they pass through your front doors. Your company name and logo on a mat, contributes to an aesthetically pleasing building entrance that will impress customers, helping to sweep them off their feet as they walk through your entryway.

To learn more about our logo mats, please contact Greenwood Cleaning Systems at 563-391-8555.

Logo Mats at Greenwood Cleaning Systems

Beautiful Entrance

Custom made logo mats

High performance matting from small logo mats to wall-to-wall applications, cut with accuracy in mind. State of the art computer technology scans your logo or image, then cuts exact inlays to reproduce crisp, bold and colorful designs that is able to withstand high foot traffic. 

Custom Design

Custom logo floor mats

 You are unique and so is your building. Our ability to create a custom designed matting system that looks great in your building as well as being functional, is unmatched in our industry. 

Branding Done Right

Custom logo floor mats

The first thing customers notice is your entrance and it will be the last thing they see when they leave. Make it count with your branding! Beautiful carpeted logo mats that are an excellent choice. Choose from a variety of products that are guaranteed to suit your needs. Enhance your brand with a logo mat!

Quality Counts

Custom logo floor mats

Our Premium Inlay Logo Mats are manufactured using high quality, durable, stain-resistant polypropylene fiber. Premium Inlay Logo Mats are unique mats that combine durability and function with impeccable image presentation.  

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Custom logo floor mats

Consult a Greenwood Cleaning Systems Product Specialists at 563-391-8555 for help with product options, custom requests or any questions you may have. Our team of Logo Matting Professionals will gladly help! 

We Know You Care

Custom logo floor mat

Implementing proper Logo Mats creates cleaner interior flooring that is easier to maintain, safer for visitors and staff, and less likely to be damaged by tracked-in dirt and moisture. Eliminate issues with Logo Mats! 

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