MAXIMUM PERFORMANCE– Each individual SNO-PLOW granule is now coated with LIQUI-FIRE melting enhancer for maximum performance! Green color assists in preventing waste and tracking. NO oily residue. 

SAFE– Contains no dangerous chemicals and is less toxic then baking soda. Safe for children and pets. Won’t harm trees, shrubs, or lawns when used as directed. Safe to use on concrete when used according to the manufacturer's recommendations. USDA approved. 

3X FASTER– The LIQUI-FIRE effectively lowers the working temperature range of SNO-PLOW allowing it to work up to 3 times faster than ordinary ice-melter. The LIQUI-FIRE in SNO-PLOW has a maximum freezing point of –27°F. 

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Don't Wait for the Snow and Ice to Arrive, Be Prepaired

Winter Safety and Maintenance Made Easy

Protect Your Business

It’s probably happened to most of us. That momentary lapse of attention, thinking about a personal problem or distraction by an activity that ends in a slip, trip or fall. A stumble down a stairway. A trip over an uneven surface. Slipping on the ice. Protect your liability simply by placing proper signage in areas where slip and falls could cause an issue- keep this in mind during winter weather conditions. 

Protect Your Floors

 Formulated with neutralizing agents and surfactants to both penetrate and clean tough soils and neutralize common ice melt ingredients, such as sodium and magnesium chloride. Ideal for conditioning floors after stripping and before coating. No need for a two step process, neutralize and clean in one simple step. This amazing product leaves practically no residue.

Protect Your Customers

  A floor mat is your first line of defense designed to remove dirt, moisture, and other debris from foot traffic entering your building. Indoor floor mats provide a slip-resistant walking surface and are the first defense in preventing slips and falls for individuals entering your building. Contact your sales representative at Greenwood Cleaning Sytems for the proper and legal requirements in front entry floor mats.

*Or Enhance your entrance with Logo Mats