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SDS (Safety Data Sheets)

GHS 101: SAFETY DATA SHEETS (SDS) in Davenport, IA

Safety Data Sheets are an essential component of the GHS and are intended to provide comprehensive information about a substance or mixture for use in workplace chemical management.

In the GHS, they serve the same function that the Material Safety Data Sheet or MSDS does in OSHA's HazCom Standard.

They are used as a source of info about hazards, including environmental hazards, and to obtain advice on safety precautions.

The SDS is normally product related and not specific to workplace; nevertheless, the information on an SDS enables the employer to:

  1. Develop an active program of worker protection measures, including training, which is specific to the workplace.
  2. Consider measures necessary to protect the environment.

SDS also provides important source of information for other target audience in the GHS - so certain elements may be used for the transport of dangerous goods, emergency responders (including poison centers), and those involved in the professional use pesticides and consumers.

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